Survival Prep

Survival Tip: Rule of 3s

Posted by Jessica Sims on

  When it comes to survival prep, there is so much out there to learn. It's always easy to understand things that are simple and well laid out. So today, I'm going to talk about the rule of 3s. In order to survive we don't need internet, electricity, and cell towers, although those things are pretty nice. What we need is food, water and shelter.  The rule of 3s makes it easy to remember how long we have to obtain these things in a survival situation. A human can survive 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without...

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Intro to Survival Prep

Posted by Bold Commerce Collaborator on

  Today it seems like everything you need is right at your fingertips. With the tap of a button you can have anything you want shipped to your door. Fast food, groceries, alcohol, clothes, auto parts, you name it!  While these services definitely make our lives easier and more convenient, it has also resulted in a loss of basic survival skills. There are so many reasons why you should learn some basic skills now. In the event of a natural disaster, cyber attack, or some other critical event, how would you make sure you have the basic necessities? Food, water, and...

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