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Hey peeps! After a few weeks of being camera shy, I finally built up the courage to make some videos. I've still got some editing to do on a couple of vids, so I just wanted to share my latest YouTube Video. 

A few years ago I learned about something called ASMR. ASMR stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response. This is something I had been experiencing my whole life. But I never learned the name of it until around 2011. To me, it would be a tingly sensation that starts in my head and would eventually radiate throughout my body. This sensation would be triggered by specific sounds and while I liked the sensation, I never understood what was causing it. 

Finally, I learned that this is a natural occurrence. Many people watch ASMR videos to relax and unwind at the end of the day. It's definitely been helpful at night before bed. It helps ease my mind and prepare me for a good night's rest. I've really enjoyed watching some people start as amateurs and gradually become ASMR professionals over the years. They do their best to provide tingles for everyone who clicks on their videos. 

I'm no professional, but I took the plunge and recorded a couple of ASMR videos. Feel free to check them out and give me some feedback :)


**~Quick Facial Massage ASMR Roleplay~**

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9t7dra3OcSI&t=55s