***New Blog Series-Jessie K's Essentials: Introduction***

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Jessie K's Essentials: Intro
When I first launched JK Essentials a few years ago, I had no idea what it would become. It is a business formed from my desire to show people a more natural way of living. A way that was common for many past generations. Recently, a rise in industrialization and commercialization have caused people to rely heavily on various systems just to carry out life's basic necessities. Food, water, and shelter are the 3 main essentials a human needs in order to survive. In general, most people don't know how to forage for food, produce clean water, or build a sustainable shelter. However, whenever a crisis arises, having these very skills can save your life and those whom you love. 
It's too late to start doing research once you find yourself in a survival situation. Preparations have to start now! But let's face it. The internet is a beast with thousands of search results to sift through. It can be difficult to figure out just where to start. That is why I am here to help. I've taken some time to research the basics and I want to share what I've learned in a way that is simple to understand. Jessie K's Essentials will be a blog series in which I share at least 1 essential per post. I will also have an accompanying video where feasible. These will be a quick informational that can be printed or pinned for later. I am excited to share all of the things I have learned. Get ready, we're going on an adventure! 



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