Part 4/4: Prepping Your Environment + Aromatherapy Basics

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Our previous article showed various ways to organize your space so that it can be a clutter-free healing environment. In this article we will talk about how to prepare your space for relaxation sessions by making it more aesthetically pleasing.

Aesthetics: primarily concerned with nature and the appreciation of beauty. 

When I think of an aesthetic environment, I like to think of a spa or sauna. Picture the different aspects of a spa. Perhaps you may visualize a peaceful place with soothing music playing in the background. There may be live plants decorating the rooms and the smell of invigorating essential oils flows in the air. Behind the spa curtain, there are massage tables, warming towels, and hot coals. The staff are prepared to do facials, aromatherapy, manicures and pedicures. Overall, being inside this space makes you forget about the worries outside those walls. 

And this is what we want to help you create within your own home. A peaceful sanctuary away from all the noise that goes on outdoors. So what are some practical ways that you can prepare your environment? 


  • Invest in spa-like items such as bamboo sticks, white spa towels, a white bathrobe with slippers, and a speaker to play tranquil music.
  • Decorate your space with light and uplifting colors as opposed to darker colors.
  • Hang paintings on the wall that depict serene landscapes such as a beautiful white sand beach with turquoise water, or a lush forest in a valley with a refreshing waterfall. 
  • Put a little nature in the mix by purchasing succulents, or other small plants to further enhance the space. 
  • Invest in products for aromatherapy such as essential oils, diffusers, candles, wax burners, and incense. 

There is certainly a lot more things you can do to prepare your environment, so be creative. Make this space your own! At the end of the day, think about your ideal peaceful escape and make it happen.

Aromatherapy Basics

So what exactly is aromatherapy? Simply put, aromatherapy is a holistic healing method that uses natural aromatic materials in order to promote overall well-being and improve psychological health. Aromatherapy has been around for centuries. Its early use was documented by the Egyptians who offered up various fragrances such as frankincense and myrrh as a sacrificial aroma in their rituals. It was later used for medicinal purposes by Shamans, Greeks, Romans, Persians and so on. 

There are a few easy methods of using aromatherapy:

  • Oil burner
  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Essential Oil Sprays 

Aromatherapy has many different benefits. Every plant has a different effect on our bodies. So we dig deep into the benefits of specific plants a little bit later. But the general benefits of aromatherapy are improving sleep, relieving stress and depression, aid in digestion, and boost energy levels. Just like biting straight into a lemon would give you a burst of energy (and a funny face), inhaling the zesty citrus scent of a lemon has a similar effect. 

Aromatherapy Benefits

Have you ever been somewhere and get a whiff of a familiar smell? Whether its the perfume of someone you used to know, or the smell of a food that you haven't had in a long time, these scents are linked to your memory. But your memory isn't the only area where smells have an affect on the brain. It is proven that different aromas can improve our overall well-being. Today we will briefly cover a few of the popular aromatherapy choices that people incorporate in their lives as well as the benefits to using them. 


Lavender: Is useful for promoting sleep, relieving headaches, and can be used as natural calming aid

Lemongrass: Reduces stress, reduces the pain of migraines, boosts energy levels

Rosemary: Improves memory, lowers cortisol levels, boosts immune system

Tea Tree: Purifies the air, helps the body fight infection, increases energy levels

Orange: Calms nervous system, aids in weight loss, eases gastrointestinal issues



Clearly, this was just a brief synopsis of some very useful essential oils. Based on the type of issue you are experiencing, there are certain essential oils that will work better for you than others. While the focus of this article is using essential oils aromatherapy purposes, essential oils can be used in many different things from health and beauty products to household cleaning products and more! Soon we will have videos to show you how to make these natural remedies right in your own kitchen. Later on we will talk about the plants that these oils are extracted from and how the plant as a whole has many benefits for our body. 


You can try one of our essential oils today: Essential Oil Starter Pack


Aromatherapy Devices:

Oil burners, Candles, and Incense:

 I like to think of these as the ancient methods of aromatherapy. They've been around for centuries and have been time-tested and proven to have many benefits for the mind and body. Candles and oil burners can make a space feel cozy and comforting by illuminating the room with the warm orange glow of a flame. These methods use fire and effectively add warmth to the atmosphere. That is why I believe these methods are best for creating a calm and relaxing environment as a opposed to an uplifting and energetic one. Personally, I would opt for scents such as vanilla, lavender, chamomile, and frankincense. While this method of aromatherapy has been around for a long time, there are some safety concerns associated with it. Because these methods produce smoke, it is possible that they can have adverse effects on your lungs. But let's be realistic. It isn't anything worse than what you would experience from grilling out or having a campfire. Either way, it is important to keep everything in moderation and not overdo it. In life, optimal health is achieved through balance. However, if you want to try aromatherapy, but do not like the idea of combustion, there is another way that you can reap the benefits.  


Essential Oil Diffuser and Sprays: 

Thanks to modern technology, it has been easier than ever to extract the healing oils within medicinal plants. It has also been easier to use those oils in aromatherapy by means of sprays and diffusers. An essential oil spray is simply a blend of EOs in a bottle mixed with a carrier oil or water. A spray is nice because it is portable and can be used anywhere. Depending on the oils used, the spray can be applied directly to your skin. I like to use a lemongrass spray in the mornings to boost my energy levels and leave me feeling awake and refreshed. I love spraying my room and my pillow to set the mood for the day or night. However, one of my favorite methods of aromatherapy is by using a diffuser. A diffuser (also known as a humidifier) is a device that uses water and EOs to disperse an aroma throughout an area. A nice feature of diffusers is that it provides a constant mist of whichever scent you choose. Some even have a setting that lets you set a time limit for how long you want the mist to last. This mist is not harmful to the lungs like the combustible methods and has even been proven to help clear your airways and improve lung function. In fact, it is so safe that people often use humidifiers for their infants to help them sleep better through the night. 

Hopefully this article was helpful and it gives you an idea of what method you would like to incorporate in your home. If you're interested in buying some aromatherapy products, check out my Health & Beauty collection at the link below.



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