Supporting Small Businesses

Posted by Jessica Sims on

As I look on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, I am seeing an increasing number of small businesses. People are turning their passion into a source of income and are able to be their own boss. This is something I strongly support and hope to do with my business in the near future. But as I've learned so far, starting your own business, marketing, and selling products is not an easy job.

For the most part I've been doing this all solo with the occasional help of family and friends. I am so passionate about my business, but I've struggled to get my name out there. I have spent so many hours relentlessly searching how to get traffic to my site, how to effectively market and network, and so on. So without a real background in the business world, I really admire people who are doing this from scratch.

That is why I would like to extend and invitation to people with small businesses to reach out to me and tell me a little bit about what they do. Afterward I want to post on my blog/ social media to help gain traffic to your sites and you can do the same for me. It doesn't really matter what you do, crocheting, crafts, baking, soap making, hair braiding, etc. I know I would love for people to support me so I want to start by supporting you! So feel free to submit a message to me on the Contact Us page and we can get connected :) 

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