Goal #1- Part 2: Enhancing Your Water

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Goal #1- Part 2: Enhancing Your Water

Hello everyone! A few weeks ago we talked about the importance of drinking water. While drinking water in itself is great for your health, there are various natural ingredients you can infuse into your water to received additional benefits. This post will first discuss what you can infuse in your water and secondly how to do so.

1. Lemon
- Boosts Immune System
- Regulate Blood Pressure
- Cleanses Liver
- Reduces Inflammation
- Aids in weight loss
- Reduce Joint pain and so on...

2. Cucumber
- Promotes healthy skin
- Ease nausea
- Aids in extra hydration
- Flushes out toxins
- Aids in weight loss

3. Mint
- Relieves nausea
- Freshens breath
- Clears up congestion
- Aids in allergy relief
- Promotes digestion
- Relieves from fatigue

So now that we know what to put in our water, what is the best way to get those healing properties from these ingredients? Well, it's quite easy!

First acquire the ingredients:
- 1/2 cucumber
- 2 lemons
- 10 to 12 mint leaves
- 3 liters of water

Second, put all the ingredients into a large jug or pitcher. Allow the ingredients to steep overnight in the refrigerator and enjoy freshly enhanced water first thing in the morning. What you now know how to make is a detox water that will aid in digestion, boost energy, and help you get your day off to a healthy start!


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