Road to Wellness

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Hey everyone, Jessie K here!  Today I'm going to share some helpful tips and things to keep in mind as you take this journey to wellness. 

1. The road to wellness is not a straight path. There is no guaranteed, one-size-fits-all approach to wellness. Everyone is unique so the methods for achieving optimal health may differ from person to person. That said, there are certainly general things that can benefit your health no matter who you are, such as drinking enough water and getting enough rest. Turning these self-care basics into habits is what we are trying to promote. Just because you feel great one day doesn't mean the journey is over. It takes a reasonable amount of effort to stay at peak performance. 

2. Focus on yourself.  While many people gain encouragement by having a workout partner, it is important not to make comparisons with other people. It is easy to think that someone else is making progress faster than you. This can lead one to feel disappointed in themselves and they may contemplate giving up. Instead, keep the focus on yourself and the progress that you've personally made. At times it may feel as if you haven't made any progress at all. That's why it is important to write your goals down and revisit them regularly. Then you can assess what you're doing good at and what needs more work. If you still find yourself struggling, this next tip is for you.  

3. Progress is not linear. Any person that you deem to be successful did not get that way overnight. It may seem like they rose to fame or fortune effortlessly, but often that is not the case. Many people have the idea that making progress means doing something good every single day until your goal is reached. While it is possible, it's simply not realistic and can cause unneeded stress. The way it usually goes is a person begins making progress, has a setback, learns from it, and then continues to make progress. The fact of the matter is, humans aren't perfect. So we cannot expect our progress to be perfect. It is crucial that we view our mistakes as a lesson to learn from instead of allowing it to impede further progress. 

So with these things in mind, don't let the setbacks get ya down. Keep your head up and work hard to achieve your goals. In time, the things that seemed difficult will be like second-nature to you. And it will be at that point that you can experience true success. 


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