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Hey guys. I just wanted to do a brief recap of some of our previous posts before moving on with Goal #3 for our journey to wellness. 

Recap: What Is Jessie K's Way to Wellness? 

As discussed in one of our earliest posts, Jessie K's Way is centered around the idea that one small change over time can result in many benefits. Rather than trying to do a mass overhaul of your lifestyle, Jessie K's Way seeks to take smaller steps that are easier to maintain. Recall that the definition of wellness is the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal. So by setting various goals, meeting those goals, and maintaining them, you are taking the necessary steps to reach optimum health. Sometimes people set unrealistic goals that often lead to disappointment and failure. Regarding Jessie K's Way, it is more than just offering recommendations. We also provide education about the biological benefits of wellness in a way that is easy to comprehend and implement. Below I will briefly summarize the goals we've set out thus far and the link to those articles. 

(Check out our very first post regarding Jessie K's Way to Wellness by clicking here)

Goal #1: Drinking Enough Water

Of course water is essential for life. Still, some people are not adequately hydrated on a daily basis. This can lead to problems such as: 

- Acne
- Bags under eyes
- Painful sunburns
- Migraines
- Kidney problems
- Muscle cramps
- Constipation
- Hypertension

On the flip side, proper hydration can help reverse these problems and it has promising benefits such as: 

- Get rid of headaches
- Boost immune system
- Boost energy
- Improve complexion
- Flush out toxins
- Prevent kidney stones
- Promote weight loss
- Relieve fatigue
- Relieve constipation

For more information on this goal, check out the following article:

Goal #1: Drinking Enough Water: https://jkessentials.net/blogs/jks-blog-2-0/goal-1-water

Goal #2: Reduce Stress

Let's be real. 2020 has given us more than enough reasons to be stressed. But as we learned in this section, not all stress is bad, and it certainly isn't all good. We compared the eustress vs distress and the different effects stress has on the body. Some effects include: 

  • Heart rate increase
  • Blood pressure increase
  • Increased muscular tension
  • Accelerated breathing
  • Release of cortisol into blood stream***

We talked about the effect of cortisol on the body and how it can cause acne, sleep deprivation, weight gain, and more negative effects. To learn more about stress and how to reduce it, check out our 4-part Stress series:

Part 1/4: What is Stress?: https://jkessentials.net/blogs/jks-blog-2-0/what-is-stress

Additional Article Series:

Beat The Bug Series 5-Parts: https://jkessentials.net/blogs/jks-blog-2-0/fight-the-flu-part-1


That pretty much sums up what we have discussed so far in JK's Blog regarding our road to wellness. With that, I am excited to share that our next goal will be about improving self-care practices. There is so much to learn about self-care, but I will just share some of the basics with you in our upcoming posts. In the meantime, stay healthy and stay tuned! 



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