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As the coronavirus pandemic continues, people across the globe are being asked to wear face masks in public. Problem is, there are no masks. They are virtually impossible to find in stores, people are being barred from ordering them online, and even if you ordered some they won't be here for months. The reason why is because there is a huge effort to conserve masks and get them to healthcare workers on the front line. So if you can't go buy a mask, what do you do? Let's talk about some ways. 

The main purpose of wearing a face mask is to help prevent the transmission of infectious droplets or particles. Generally speaking, the main person that really needs a mask is the person who is sick. The goal is to keep infected ones from spreading their germs to healthy people. In light of the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, it is recommended that everyone wear some form of face coverings to limit the spread of the virus. Below we will show you how to make a mask or what you can use in case you aren't able to make one. 

1. Make a DIY Mask

There are a few different ways to make your own mask. The best part is it is fairly easy and can be a fun and practical project to do with your kids. Plus you get to customize your masks with your desired colors and designs. So feel free to get creative! The CDC created an excellent infographic which shows how you can make your own face mask. Check out the infographic below:




2. Use a Bandana or T shirt

 The CDC also shows how to make a face mask if sewing isn't your specialty. Best part is, you likely have all the materials you need right at home. No need to spend money on fabric. Just use a bandana or an old T shirt and follow the steps below: 


3. Use a Scarf

 If you're not feeling crafty, that's quite alright. Just bust out a winter scarf and wrap around your face to carry out your public tasks. Fair warning though, as it gets hotter outside, this may not be an ideal option. However, if you just need a face covering to run inside the store for a couple minutes, this could be a quick fix for you. 

We hope this post provided you with some helpful options to stay safe during this pandemic. If you have further questions regarding Covid-19, please visit the CDC website. 

CDC Website:

CDC- Use of Face Coverings Info:


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