Coping with Coronavirus

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Ready or not, here it comes! Coronavirus is sweeping the globe as reported case numbers continue to increase. Events are being cancelled. Schools and universities are closed. Restaurants are closed for dine-ins. Major league sports have been cancelled. Stocks are crashing. Gas prices are low, egg prices are high. Entire countries are being put on lock-down. All of this leads us to wonder, "What in the world is actually happening right now?". Truth be told, no human alive has ever experienced a pandemic quite like this before. Never has an illness had this type of affect on virtually every aspect of society. With so many anxiety-inducing, worst case scenarios drowning the news media, how can we cope with this situation? Today we will just cover one way, but we will continuously update this post with more ways as time goes on. 

Ditch Your Electronics!!!

For some folks, this may be the hardest thing to do. We rely on electronics to communicate, place orders, receive emails and updates, etc. Instead of getting rid of your electronics completely, be sure to take breaks from them. If you're starting to feel overwhelmed by all the information on the internet, it is time for a break. It is certainly a good idea to be up to date with all the new changes going on. However, it can take a serious toll on your mental and emotional health. The way things are looking, coronavirus may be around for a few more weeks, possibly a couple months. During this time it is important to keep your physical, mental, and emotional health balanced. So here are my personal recommendations for taking an electronics break.

  1. When At Work
  • Take a 10-15min electronic break every 3hrs or based on what your job allows. 
  • During this break, avoid reading the news or emails pertaining to coronavirus
  • Do some deep breathing exercises
  • Do some light stretches in a chair at your desk
  • Think of positive affirmations 
  • Take a brief walk
     2. When At Home
  • Take an electronic break as often as you can
  • During this break, avoid reading the news or emails pertaining to coronavirus
  • Do some deep breathing exercises
  • Do some full body stretches
  • Think of positive affirmations 
  • Take a nice stroll
  • Write a letter to someone you haven't seen in a while
  • Draw a picture of where you'd like to be when this is all over.

 There are many more things that you can do during you electronics break, so get creative! Keep in mind that this is an extremely rough time for everybody. People are frustrated, angry, helpless, and distraught. Be sure to take care of yourself and talk to someone you trust whenever you feel overly stressed. Also please check out some of my other posts regarding how to de-stress. I will post the link to those posts below. This is all for now. I look forward to updating this post with more useful information as time goes on. Take care y'all ! 

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