Beat The Bug Part 2: Hand Hygeine

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Hello everyone. In our last post we talked about the three major diseases that people catch around this time of the year. In this post we are going to focus on the on one of the best ways to keep ourselves safe.

The number one, time-tested method of preventing the spread of germs is proper hand hygiene. Why is this the case? Well, we use our hands for pretty much everything. Our hands touch door handles, cell phones, keyboards and other things that are harboring bacteria. The moment we touch a contaminated surface or person and don't wash our hands, we are putting ourselves at risk of infection. But knowing that we need to wash our hands isn't enough. We have to know the right way to do it. Thankfully, the World Health Organization provided a very useful diagram that explains how thoroughly our hands must be washed in order to be safe. The hand washing procedure should last for at least 20 seconds. Here it is below:


Wow, who knew so much went into just washing your hands! It is important to note that of the three illnesses mentioned earlier, Norovirus is the trickiest of them all. This is because you cannot use an alcohol based hand-sanitizer to kill the germs from it. You can only use soap and water to wash the the Norovirus particles off of your hands. 

Alright, so now you know how to wash your hands. Below I'm going to share some additional helpful tips and reminders to keep in mind to limit the spread of germs. 


  • Do not use your hands when you need to cough or sneeze. Use your arm instead.
  • Try to avoid touching your hair and then touching your face.
  • Always wash your hands before a meal. If not able to, use hand sanitizer or hand wipes.
  • Always wash your hands after handling uncooked meat
  • Always wash your hands after shaking hands with someone else. 



Those are just a few tips for you all to keep in mind and there are still many more. In our next post we will talk about some other ways to stay healthy this season. As always, stay tuned :) 


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